NB2: Sprawl Damaging Buffalo & Its Suburbs

Examining Buffalo's failure to contain its sprawl, its negative effects, and the successful plan Portland, Oregon implemented decades ago. By Chuck Banas Buffalo is experiencing a rejuvenation of sorts, and there is reason to think the region’s long decline is ending. New demographic trends belie…

NB2: #LiveNF, A Hashtag Lifts a City

By Seth Piccirillo A simple hashtag is communicating a renewed confidence in Niagara Falls, NY. Beyond the hashtag, #LiveNF is a civic group of local residents focused on helping people discover and rediscover the Niagara Falls community. Through events like Niagara Falls Pints for Progress,…

NB2: Dehydrated Brain

Black communities, especially poor ones, are impacted more than any other race in Erie County by both water susceptible to high levels of lead, and poor health caused by dehydration and high intake of sugar. By SJ Gillespie Toxic stress - the excessively long release…