FF 5.5.17 Scout + Cedar

New Shop Alert: Scout + Cedar After a whirlwind of No Boundaries Issue 2, we're stoked to get back to highlighting local businesses. We like the mindset of this week's feature: Get your Gear. And Get Outdoors. Scout + Cedar is bringing a new approach to…

No Boundaries 2 Introduction

No Boundaries is produced by Rise Collaborative - a Buffalo lifestyle brand promoting small businesses and non-profits via social media and public events. We believe that a true renaissance in our region will incorporate every community and every neighborhood. These stories are meant to spark…

NB2: Sprawl Damaging Buffalo & Its Suburbs

Examining Buffalo's failure to contain its sprawl, its negative effects, and the successful plan Portland, Oregon implemented decades ago. By Chuck Banas Buffalo is experiencing a rejuvenation of sorts, and there is reason to think the region’s long decline is ending. New demographic trends belie…